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Why Choose Glenhouse Strategies?

At its core Glenhouse Strategies is the synthesis of strategic thinking and experience in business, products, brands, and political efforts. With more than three decades of combined experience at the highest levels of fortune 500 companies, politics and government, the Glenhouse team excels at the combined art of message development, advocacy, and engagement – the keys to any successful effort.

Our experience uncovered a simple truth and gave rise to the creation of Glenhouse Strategies: winning political solutions translate to the corporate arena and winning corporate solutions often translate to the political arena. The tangible service we provide is developing and applying those solutions effectively with a custom fit for the unique goals and challenges each client presents.

Glenhouse Strategies was created as a result of individual successes, and as a team we are synonymous with success. 

Whether your goal is an effective advocacy program, a corporate branding effort, a government initiative, or a successful political campaign effort, Glenhouse Strategies can deliver a winning solution.

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