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Amin Rezvani

Senior Adviser

Amin Rezvani has eleven years of experience in real estate development, real estate finance, and project management in both the United States and Canada.  He joined Glenhouse's advisory team where he primarily focuses on projects in commercial real estate, acquisitions, and the firm's cannabis operation. 


Amin has a joint M.B.A. from The Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas in Barcelona, Spain and UCLA in Real Estate and Finance. In October of 2009, he started Glowbalize Real Estate Management – an inclusive real-estate service company, including acquisition, development, and property management.


In 2014, Amin segued his experience with Glowbalize and his relationship with his investors to launch Expo Real Estate Holdings, LP, where he serves as Managing Partner of Expo Management Company, LLC – the General Partner for Expo Real Estate Holdings, LP. Expo currently holds assets in excess of $85M across the Kansas City Metro. Amin also runs and owns Iron Door Management, LLC (IDM) and IronDoor Development, LLC (IDD) – a full-service property management company and construction company designed specifically to service the properties owned by Expo. Currently both companies together employ 42 full-time employees.

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