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Trevor Higgins

Partner, Director of Corporate Strategy

Trevor Higgins is a partner and the Director of Corporate Strategy at Glenhouse. He is a national and local humanitarian, public leader, and a faith-driven family man to his beautiful wife and two daughters. 

Trevor is responsible for strategy and innovation across the Glenhouse Strategies global network. In Strategy, Trevor’s role is to help chart the course for the future of professional services, including how Glenhouse differentiates itself in a rapidly changing environment. In Innovation, Trevor is looking at how Glenhouse adopts new business models to change what is delivered to clients and how client’s experience Glenhouse’s services.

Prior to joining Glenhouse, Trevor served in multitude of executive roles in the financial services industry, including top roles at Wells Fargo and Fifth Third Bank. Most recently, Trevor served as a Sales Executive for Fairway Mortgage.
For the clients at Glenhouse, his background has provided the ability to develop efficient operational, sales, and implementation strategies. Additionally, he is a subject matter expert in change management, leadership evaluation, and team-centered development across public and private sectors. He has over a decade of industry experience in the financial services, real estate, and government sectors. Trevor's specialties lie in the areas of strategy, governance, business transformation, alliances, business development and risk management.
Trevor has a BA from the University of Toledo and has spent years as a volunteer for multiple organizations involved in improving the communities around them. He is an active board member of Teach for America, MS Society, and Charlotte Business Group. Throughout his entire professional career, Trevor has been involved in serving the community and connecting people to make a difference.


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