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Special Assistant to the Managing Partner

Alessandra is the Special Assistant to the Managing Partner. She joined Glenhouse Strategies after gaining extensive customer service and project management experience while working for CMA CGM LLC America, beginning as an Export Bookings Representative for General Bookings and quickly advancing to the Export Specialty Service Africa Desk as an Export Specialty Services Representative.

At CMA CGM, Alessandra was accountable for the risk management and business operations for export service accounts in Africa, including the integration of risk concepts into strategic planning, risk identification and mitigation activities. She assisted in managing a call center for over 150 customers and their export shipments to Africa and resolved logistics issues regarding routes, commodities, and container locations each day.

At Glenhouse, Alessandra oversees special projects for the managing partner and Glenhouse's most esteemed clients. Her work includes managing multi-million dollar budgets, drafting legislative policy, and serving as the liaison to c-suite executives to the firm.

Alessandra graduated from University of Virginia with a B.A. in Psychology and a B.A in Italian. 

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