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Mary Apodaca

Senior Adviser and Counsel

Mary Apodaca is a Senior Adviser and Counsel for the firm’s corporate and cannabis operations. Although innovation is not Mary’s only passion, it certainly is the one that most drives her career. Mary sees innovation as "the engine behind 10,000 years of human development," and she sees her role at Glenhouse as keeping that engine well fueled for the firm and its clients.

At Glenhouse, Mary is a deal lawyer who focuses on financing, expansion, and exits for our clients whose core assets are the best people, the best products, and the best processes. From startups to major corporations, she helps our clients and investors identify, finance, and monetize the technologies, processes, products, and brands that will create the most value for them. This inevitably brings her into close and frequent contact with the entrepreneurs whose innovations excite her. Her extensive work in the New Mexico Public Defenders and US Attorney Generals office makes her a sharp, dynamic, and effective litigator.

Prior to joining Glenhouse, Mary graduated cum laude at the University of New Mexico School of Law and served in a multitude of roles including, but not limited to, serving the Honorable Miles Hanisee of the New Mexico Court of Appeals as a law clerk. In addition to her work at Glenhouse, she serves as Senior Director of Legal Education with BARBRI Bar Review where she guides and molds the next generation of lawyers. She is barred in Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico.

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